Trimble Marine

Trimble Inc. is a global company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California that delivers Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology to a wide range of industries, including the marine industry. The Trimble Marine product portfolio includes GNSS receivers, smart antennas, total stations and field controllers. These products have been specifically designed to improve overall accuracy, quality and productivity of coastal and riverine operations, and to overcome technical challenges characteristic of such operations. Applications include survey of coastal seas (inshore and offshore), rivers and inland water bodies; marine construction, such as for port and harbour construction projects and sea dyke construction; and dredging for purposes including waterway maintenance, environmental remediation and coastal protection. With offices in London and Edinburgh we provide nationwide coverage for sales, installation and aftercare service support for Trimble Marine products.

Trimble Intech

Trimble InTech is the Integrated Technologies division of Trimble, which offers high precision positioning solutions for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and System Integrators. Trimble InTech products allow continuous mobile positioning and high-accuracy orientation with centimeter-level GNSS technology, which enhances productivity and profitability, whilst enabling OEMs and System Integrators to achieve product differentiation and to acquire a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The InTech product portfolio offers a variety of OEM GNSS and inertial technologies designed for guidance, navigation and control purposes that are easily integrated and are ruggedly dependable. Applications include agriculture, avionics, mining, construction, robotics, unmanned vehicles (e.g. unmanned aerial vehicles/ unmanned aerial systems – UAVs/UASs and unmanned surface vehicles - USVs) and autonomous vehicles.

Pacific Crest/Trimble Wireless

The Pacific Crest Corporation was acquired by Trimble in 2005 and ever since has operated as part of the Trimble Company (Trimble Wireless), continuing to be a worldwide pioneer in the business of providing rugged and reliable wireless data communications systems, and enabling a world where computers, remote instruments or other devices communicate in real time. Pacific Crest Radio Modems provide Wireless Data Links for RTK positioning and remote sensing, and are a known industry gold standard. Precise positioning applications utilise GNSS technology and the radio links that communicate RTK corrections; these applications include oil and gas exploration and rig moving, construction, and infrastructure monitoring. Remote sensing applications require the broadcast of digital information to and from remote sensing devices and central control offices using radio links to communicate this data; these applications include environmental monitoring and water management.


SETTOPSurvey, based in Barcelona, Spain, designs and manufactures precision products and solutions for surveying, construction, agriculture, and civil and marine engineering. SETTOPSurvey products are designed with a different strategy based on innovation and solutions tailored to the real needs of global markets. It is SETTOPSurvey's innovative design and technology that has secured the company a niche in the monitoring market in the form of the M1-15 all-encompassing monitoring solution package, including unique software integration with their exclusive IST Connect cloud service. SETTOPSurvey's other innovative hardware products include the M1 GNSS receiver, CellXtrem with NTRIP correction module, the GSM to UHF Radio Repeater coupled with its sister product RadioLink, and a range of lightweight lithium-ion batteries all built for the survey market. Their unique hardware, coupled with a comprehensive range of software packages makes SETTOPSurvey the stand out option for all survey requirements, with applications in tunnelling, monitoring, bridge throwing, maritime works, construction and agriculture. We are the Northern European Distributor for SETTOPSurvey products, which are manufactured in Barcelona and supplied for the Northern European market from the UK.

Welcome to Scancom Radio Communications

Scancom Radio Communications, based in South London, UK was established in 1987 and now showcases a diverse portfolio of high quality hardware and software from leading brands Trimble Marine, Trimble InTech, Pacific Crest/Trimble Wireless, SETTOPSurvey, Delair, Microdrones, Seafloor Systems, Icom and Entel. This broad product range enables us to fulfil the requirements of customers operating in a variety of sectors, including marine surveying, construction, agriculture, mining, aerial mapping and academia. Supported by a dedicated team at Scancom Radio Communications, these products are designed to ensure maximum operational effectiveness and productivity.

Key Products

We offer a wide range of precision products and solutions including:-

  • GNSS receivers and antennas
  • Site positioning receivers
  • Wireless data links
  • Inertial navigation systems
  • Fixed wing and multi-rotor UAVs
  • VRS Repeater and RadioLink
  • Marine USVs
  • Power supply with short-term and long-term autonomy
  • Total stations
  • Bespoke monitoring packages
  • Cloud service for remote applications
  • Software, e.g. TMC, HYDROpro, Neptune
  • ATEX certified/intrinsically safe radios
  • Railtrack systems
  • Video camera surveillance
  • Echosounders and multibeam


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